Welcome to our organic Thai Farm Cooking School!  
During your day at our farm, we will show you all of this and more..! Sawat, the owner and founder of Thai Farm Cooking School, grew up in a family of rice farmers. He has a very founded knowledge of using nature to protect his crops and vegetables. He knows exactly where to grow what tree in order to keep it free from bugs without using chemicals. He is able to give you some tips during the walk in the farm. Everything is 100% organic because we want to stay healthy and teach others how to do the same.
Modern chemical dependent farming has huge ecological costs, is bad for the health of the farmer and his family and affects the health of the people who eat the food. And most importantly the stuff does not work! Every year the pests grow resistant to the pesticides and the soil fertility falls.
In former times, Thai people didn’t use pesticides. They grew by nature, what makes the vegetables not only more healthy but also more tasty. Organic products contain higher level of vitamin C, protein and other minerals and have less water and less artificial chemicals.
Thai people could control the insects by growing many different herbs mixed together. This is what we do at our farm, and the reason why we have established our cooking school, to teach you about REAL Thai farming like farmers did before!

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